I am Eva, a Body & Self-Love Coach, Published Author & Professional Athlete.
I Help Women who Struggle with Weight loss To Say 'YES' to Themselves!

Do you believe that if you lost weight you would be more lovable?
Do you fail to lose weight no matter how hard you train or deprive yourself?
Do you blame yourself for not achieving your goal or not being able to keep up with your workout routine or diet?
Or are you still unhappy with yourself regardless of how much weight you lose?

I would have answered “Yes” to all of those questions in the past.

I fought to live up to the unrealistic expectations of myself, society and others. Today I know that every action I took from ‘not feeling good enough’ was self abusive. The burning shame and low-self esteem inevitably affected my relationships, finances, and health. After getting to a tipping point, I radically changed my entire life (Read more...).

Today I typically work with women who have tried many weight loss programs without success, don’t feel enough, blame themselves for the unsuccessful attempts and resent their bodies and who they are.

With my mindful and functional workouts and coaching, I guide women to genuinely love their bodies and embrace their uniqueness instead of focusing on weight loss.

With my continuous support, they learn…

  • to move with joy – not for weight loss or as a mean to prove their worth.
  • about their bodies, understand it and have control over it.
  • to eat for nourishment – not for weight loss.
  • to say “NO” and to the things that don’t serve them, and say “Yes” to themselves.
  • to be responsible for and have control of their lives.
  • to stop enabling and tolerating inappropriate behavior.
  • to choose to be surrounded by those who are genuine and kind
  • to make choices that are true to themselves and bring them happiness and peace.
  • to cope with stress, anxiety and the changes as they go through their transformation.
  • to claim power over their bodies, choices, and lives

Workout That Helps You Realign, Recharge & Heal. Group & Private Sessions

Move With Joy & purpose

Online Courses & Private Coaching

End the Struggle with your weight & SAY "YES" TO Your Body, Yourself & Life!

Stress Management Group & Private Sessions

Cope with stress & the changes in your life!

Words from my clients...

"I have lost a very stubborn 6 pounds over two months and that's the result part. My soul has gone through transformation. Positivity, integrity and sense of myself is just a few changes. I connect with you, it's a mind-body-soul combination...There is no judgment and we grow organically! Thanks Eva for changing my life beautifully!"
(Photo credit: rajsarma.com)
Manisha Munhdra Beirwala
Founder & CEO www.thecorporatediwali.com
"You believe in people and you teach people to believe in themselves." (To protect client's privacy, this image is stock photo)

Lucy K.
Anybody who works with you will come out of the relationship empowered, enabled, confirmed and validated. That is what you do and who you are. You can't help yourself!! The lives you touch are changed forever."

(To protect client's privacy, this image is stock photo)
Joyce F.

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