Embrace Your Body & Soul Courses

Say YES to Your Life, Body, Relationships and Happiness!

Embrace Your Body & Soul Courses Designed to...

  • transform the way you feel and think about yourself, your precious body, as well as about food and exercise
  • support you to heal from past weight loss experience
  • free your from lifelong suffering
  • teach you to value and trust yourself
  • and guide you to reclaim your personal power so you manifest a life you are meant to live.

To make your transformation easier, Eva brakes down the healing journey into four digestible sections. These four courses are built on each other. For best results, she recommends you take them in order.

If you don’t think that her suggested order would benefit you, you may listen to your inner guidance and choose your starting point. If you don’t know where to start, email eva@devotedtomysoul.com with your questions.

Here are the four courses that will transform your life and will guide you to become your most authentic self


Say 'YES' to Nourishing Your body

Course I

What if I tell you that food controls your life? Would you want to take your power back? The chemical and emotional addiction to what you eat can direct your thoughts, emotions, body and daily choices.

The intention of “Say YES to Reclaiming Your Body  Course” is not weight loss. It was designed to help you let go of food addictions and take your power back over your body and mind.

After completing the course you will reclaim control of what, when and how you eat. You will understand food addictions and can finally stop blaming yourself for not sticking to a diet. By the end, you will understand the cues of your body and its needs. Instead of following a diet or other’s instructions, you will pick your meals in alignment and in harmony with what YOU need and enjoy.

Food becomes your best friend that is there to nourish you. You will never ever have to follow a diet again.

Are you ready to take control of your mind and body?

Say 'YES' to Your Freedom

Course II

Have you been blaming yourself for not losing or maintaining your weight or a workout routine?

This course helps you let go of a lifetime of self-hatred and self-neglect. It assists you in the understanding of how excess weight has saved your life. Shifting your perception about weight loss is one of the greatest gifts in your healing journey.

With a fresh start, you can approach your body and yourself from a place of profound understanding.

This course will also help you to be honest with yourself, learn about your deepest feelings, desires and conquer your fears. As you become self-aware, make better choices, you let go of self-doubt and anxiety. By reclaiming your self-worth you create a solid foundation to thrive.

Are you ready to let go of fear and be true to yourself?


Say 'YES' to Your Relationships

course III

Did you know that the relationship you have with yourself shapes your life and body? Think about it, if you have self-respect, you will not enter a relationship with a person who doesn’t respect you or abuse you. You also won’t choose a diet or an exercise routine that disregards how you feel.

When you love yourself, you respect your needs, feelings, trust your inner guidance and won’t depend on others validation and love.

You are whole and perfect just the way you are!

This course helps you to see your perfection and guides you on a personalized self-love journey. Loving yourself may bring difficulties to your other relationships, therefore you will get the necessary support to navigate through those challenges.

Are you ready to claim your wholeness?

Say 'Yes' to Moving with Joy

course IV

You might wonder why exercise is the last one of the four courses. After working with lots of women, I understood that our intention shapes our results, experience, and bodies. I wanted to make sure, by the time you get to through this course your intentions shift, and you aspire to have a better understanding on how to move your body with joy.

Exercise is not a chore! It is not something you do to keep weight off, but it is necessary if you want to feel good, strong, healthy and have a solid foundation to life. Without your body, there is no life. If you want to lead your life, you must master your body.

Being strong doesn’t mean you need to become a bodybuilder or a fitness competitor. You can be strong without reaching for those extremes.

This course will help you to become fit, have good posture, get rid of upper and lower back pain, be lighter and looser

Are you ready to enjoy moving your body, have tons of energy and feel good in your skin?