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Have you spent much of your precious time, money and energy trying to lose weight—focusing on diet and exercise—without success? And ended up beating yourself up and feeling even worse? I did!

We have been taught to focus all our attention on results, without truly understanding the real cause of our weight loss struggle. It’s not surprising that when we cover up our wounds with band aids, while the underlying issues remain untouched, we end up feeling stuck, never good enough.

Through my own journey and my work with clients over the last decade, I discovered that the distorted and often traumatized relationship we have with our body impacts our sense of worth as women, as well as our ability to lose weight, maintain healthy relationships, have fulfilling careers, and experience a sense of well-being and happiness.

Embrace Your Body & Soul Course is here to help you...

  • heal from your past weight loss experiences where you pushed and punished yourself to reach your goal. You will learn to built healthy habits, eat and train in a way that works for you and is in harmony with your body
  • let go of the limiting stories of the past
  • guide you to reclaim your power, self-respect and understand your worth
  • teach you to embrace your body and your beautiful-unique self.

As the result of the Course, you will go through an inner transformation that will reflect on every part of your life. From this place, you will learn how to:

  • nourish your body with love
  • let go of anxiety and use fear
  • create a life on your terms
  • gravitate towards mutual, healthy and supportive relationships
  • have more energy, joy and free time

Do you want to love and embrace your body? eat with joy? trust yourself?

Schedule a call to see how ‘Embrace Your Body & Soul’ Course (group & private available) Can Help You.

Weight Loss Through The Soul is available on Amazon

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