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Ignite Your Authentic Truth

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How to live without burning out in 2019

​​​Join Eva Nagy, Dr. Kathia Roberts, and Dr. Laura Brayton your three women empowerment experts on this webinar to receive ​tips ​on how to change the way you think, feel and act to manifest your dreams in 2019

Host: Dr Kathia Roberts

Dr. Kathia; Medicine Woman​,Soul Coach, Sound Healer and Divine Feminine Conduit.Lovingly facilitates a Soulful Remembrance. She holds sacred space for women so that they may journey to all those forgotten and perhaps even neglected parts of themselves. Fostering a deepened awareness and knowing so that they may realize and embody once again that they are SACRED, WILD, CREATIVE, WHOLE, COMPLETE, WORTHY, LOVED, SUPPORTED and SEEN. Now is your time to reclaim ALL of You!

Host: Dr. Laura Brayton

Dr. Laura Brayton, Holistic Chiropractor, Author, Speaker, and creator of the Brayton Birth Method,believes that every woman has an innate intelligence within her that helps guide and navigate her decisions, health and cycles of life. Her purpose is to assist in re-igniting the spark of life that is already within you, that may be stifled from overwhelm with personal and professional responsibilities. With clarity comes power, and this power allows you to gently navigate through life transitions.

Host: ​Eva Nagy

​Eva Nagy is an Author, Spiritual Coach, Meditation Teacher, and creator of Elevate Movement Therapy© and Weight Loss Through the Soul Mentorship©.​  Eva shares everything she has learned with other women struggling to lose weight. With her guidance, women step into their innate feminine power and learn to embrace themselves and their bodies, reclaim self-respect, and let go of self-sabotage. She helps women to honor their feelings and needs, so they can gracefully create a joyful and harmonious life and a healthy body.

Free Webinar Date & Time:

Tuesday ​15th Jan / ​8:00 PM

on this webinar

You’ll learn…

​We will connect with an opening grounding meditation so that you can be present to the dreams you would like to manifest this year.

​How to maintain a fitness routine in the New Year that serves not only your appearance but to have boundless energy and to ​lower stress.

​How to use the power of your mind to make empowered choices and release any limiting thoughts.

Time left until Registration Closes:

This webinar will be an introduction to our half-day retreat; “Ignite your Authentic Truth” we are offering on the 2nd of February 2019. Thus this is a perfect opportunity to get to know your facilitators a little better, feel into what drives them to offer their gifts to women in this field and ask any burning questions.​

Places on the live webinar are limited!

Reserve your seat now and join us live for the webinar that will change the way​ you approach your life, ​physique, and happiness!

​Ignite Your Authentic Truth, Half-day Retreat

Join us this February to understand how to harness your inner truth and ignite the fire that will help you succeed in 2019 and beyond!
The half-day workshop will be focused on helping you understand the mind, body and soul connection to manifestation and how to use all three to achieve your goals.

Event Schedule:

  • 9:00 AM; Opening and grounding meditation with Dr. Kathia
  • 9:15 AM; Eva leading us through an Elevate Movement Therapy© (35 min) and a discussion on how becoming authentic lowers anxiety, supports your body (even weight loss) and improves your life
  • 10:30 AM; 15 min break
  • 10:45 AM; Dr Brayton presenting on Lighting the Fire of the Empowered Woman. Including a Psych-K demo & Byron Katie’s work. She will talk about how to change your story in order to change your life using conscious creation
  • 12:00 PM; A SoulFul Remembrance with Dr. Kathia. An embodied experience, imbolic ceremony & archetypal work instills change
  • 12:30 PM; Closing sound healing ceremony with Dr. Kathia
  • 12:45 PM – 1:00 PM; Open circle for insightful shares and questions inspired by the retreat’s offerings

​If you are​ ready to claim your right to be happy, lead ​your life ​being true to​ yourself, feeling free, whole, and succeed in 2019…

​...​sign up ​for “Ignite your Authentic Truth” ​half-day retreat. The event is on the 2nd of February 2019, Hoboken, New Jersey. Take advantage of the Early Bird Tickets. they are only ​available till January 15th!

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