Love Your Weight Down Webinar on November 12th at 8 Pm

Change your approach and achieve transformation that lasts a lifetime!

Have you been trying to shed pounds following traditional weight-loss programs without success?
Do you keep straying from your workout routine or diet?
Do you blame yourself for not achieving your goal?
In the past I would have answered “YES’ to all these questions.

Despite being a professional athlete, training countless hours daily and following strict diets, I struggled with my weight most of my life. This obsession with my body and weight was the reason I became a fitness trainer. As a trainer, I realized that I wasn’t alone. Many women I worked with struggled the same way I did. Working harder in the gym, or following strict diets didn’t help them reach their goal either.
After years of working with my clients, I started to see similarities between the ones who had a hard time losing weight and those who dropped excess weight with ease. I developed a profile for those clients who struggled and a different approach that worked where other programs failed

In this FREE webinar, I will be revealing three crucial insights that will help you understand why focusing on working out and dieting is not enough.
You will learn how to shift your mindset & routine to achieve your goal with love and harmony!

When you understand what I am about to share with you, you will be able to let go of self-blame and realize that the traditional approach to weight loss failed you!
You heard me right!

You didn’t fail, the approach failed YOU!

The action we take has a lot to do with the information we hear from the media and the fitness industry. So what if those messages keep you in pain?
What if you started questioning the method, instead of questioning yourself?

The information I will be sharing will shake up your world, completely change the way you think about yourself, your body, maybe even your entire life!

After the webinar you....

  • No longer have to deny yourself
  • Can free yourself from societal expectations
  • Don't have to push and deprive yourself anymore
  • Will gain control over your choices, life & body

The “Love Your Weight Down” Method Will Shape You from the Inside Out


Do You Want to Have Control Over Your Body?

Do You Want to Make Changes that Come Naturally?

Are You Ready to Let Go of Self-Blame and Follow a New Approach that Helps You Lose Weight with Love?

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The Three crucial things you learn from this webinar are…

You will understand why you didn’t reach your goal in the past and how to change your approach to succeed.
How to naturally make choices that will help you to achieve your goal with ease and harmony, instead of restricting yourself.
You will find out which one of your personality traits block you if any, and how to shift it.

You will hear tons of useful insights that will finally ease your struggles

what Women Say about Love Your Weight down Method…

sheila2 (1)

I have been through a lot in the past couple of years. It had taken a toll on me. I started to turn to junk food to find comfort in every situation.The Love Your Weight Down method has helped me to look deeper. I started journaling and writing about my feelings. I pay close attention to what is going on with me. Reading your book, Weight loss Through the Soul helps me to stay motivated on the harder days.The class changed the way I think about my weight.I am learning to honor myself, my heart and body. I feel more hopeful and positive about life.

Sheila G.

Telecommunications Engeneer

As a holistic veterinarian I am aware of the importance of the mind, body & spirit connection. I was naturally drawn to the idea of “Love Your Weight Down” method. The information you shared helped me to approach eating, my body and myself from a more loving place. I don’t remember every word you shared, but I can clearly remember the energy of your class. It felt like you were talking to our soul, encouraged us to nourish ourselves consciously and do what feels right for us. The energy of the class was uplifting, and it still helps me to make better choices for myself today. (Photo is stock photo to protect client's privacy)

Monica G.

Holistic Veterinarian

Most weight loss programs are very regimented. People end up with a sense of guilt if they can’t stick with them.Love Your weight Down method helped me realize that if I loved who I am, I would take better care of myself. I started to recognize thought and stress patterns that were not serving me. I was able to let go of self-blame and now I am finding better ways to respond to those patterns. I finally had the power to make lasting changes. Through this healing, I noticed changes in my relationships and marriage. It was easier for me to draw boundaries, say no to others and take care of myself.I know that I don’t need to lose ten pounds to love who I am. I can be grateful for my life and body, right now, and just take it from here. (Photo is stock photo to protect client's privacy)

Leah C.

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