Elevate Movement Therapy

I am sharing you my personal story about what I learned on my fitness journey and what inspired me to create Elevate Movement Therapy.

Even though fitness has been a part of my life for a very long time, I continued to struggle with my weight, food and my self-image. I started playing tennis when I was 10 years old, and it became a main focus of my life for another 10 years. I grew up with the mindset that I had to work extremely hard if I wanted to achieve something in my life.

Because of that, I took things to extreme levels, including dieting and training. I was more than willing to do things right or do things all the way. When I followed a diet, I did it very rigidly. When I followed a workout routine, I did the same. Because I was so rigid and tense, it took a toll on my life. I was in my early 30s when this imbalance escalated into anxiety and panic attacks. I was unhappy and disconnected from my core. I did not feel healthy regardless of the efforts I made in diet or my workout routines. I felt lost, angry, and disappointed, I felt like a failure.

I did everything I was told I had to do. None of the diets or workout routines I followed that claimed to be the solution to achieve a healthy physique solved anything for me. I felt like a failure and an outsider. I felt there must be something wrong with me because nothing worked.
All these programs left me feeling even more desperate than I was before I started them.
I’m not blaming these programs; they just weren’t right for me. Throughout the years I learned more about myself and became aware of what went wrong all those years.

I realized they didn’t work for me because I was so out of touch with my body. I didn’t listen to what it needed; I didn’t listen to when it signaled me. I only followed these programs that had no idea or cared about my personal issues, schedule or other parts of my life—how could have they—or my emotional state.

Of course, a program can’t focus on all that, especially the ones with big followings. They have to be very general. As a trainer, I learned that mostly women but some men shared the same challenges.

What I learned on my weight loss journey is:

  • In an anxious, tense state, not only life becomes miserable, but also my body starts working differently because it’s under constant pressure and stress.
  • No one outside other than me can tell me what makes me and my body feel good, strong, energized, free.
  • I learned to get in touch with myself and my feelings and understand them.
  • I learned about my impulses, and I learned to control them.
  • I learned to love myself and my physique no matter what, and that helped me to stay relaxed and able to enjoy life. It also helped me to lose weight.
  • I did not allow my weight define me.
  • I learned to say no and stop exercising when it didn’t feel right.
  • I learned when I need to rest instead of pushing through, and I also learned when I could push a little harder.
  • I became self-empowered, and I learned to trust myself.
  • I must feel comfortable and safe.
  • I learned to handle stress and found inner peace.
  • I learned to be in sync with my body.

My weight is not an issue anymore. I’m not attached to diets or any eating programs, which is huge for someone who used to be totally obsessed about it. I’m taking better care of myself than I have ever done before, and I’m still evolving, learning something new every day. As I get more in tune with my body, I feel what’s right for me to eat. I listen and I feel when it changes, too. It’s a fascinating experience, to say the least.

My life is much more balanced, I’m much calmer, and I take challenges much easier. I feel much healthier, stronger, solid. I feel self-empowered. And this is exactly what I would like others to experience.

But, how to get started?

  • By reconnecting to our bodies and connecting to our own life experiences
  • By learning to hear and listen to our inner voices, our inner wisdom
  • By learning techniques that helps us to calm ourselves and help us to cope with daily stresses and everyday challenges of life or our inner conflict
  • By learning and knowing when to stop, when to rest, when to move.
  • By learning what works best for our bodies at different times of our lives.

Elevate Movement Therapy

I created the Elevate Movement Therapy to help you to get there. This workout is about doing what we need instead of doing what we think we should do. Most people sit in front of computers most of the day. Sitting causes muscle imbalances, and we become more prone to injury, that is why lots of people get injured when they start working out or when they’re following a fitness routine without addressing these issues.

So I wanted to create something that can help people compensate for the sitting all day or supplement their workout routine with some posture work. Most of the exercises are done slowly, which gives a chance for the participants to connect to their bodies, connect to the experience without rushing through it. It also helps us to slow our minds a bit and calm ourselves.

The way we relate to ourselves influences our choices and our choices shape our lives. The mental focus – which will periodically change- of the class will help the attendees to relate to their bodies differently and it will support them making positive changes in their lives.

I also wanted to create an environment where people feel comfortable, and it’s noncompetitive.
This workout is about reconnecting to yourself and your body and moving your body in a mindful manner.

The workout closes with relaxation. It helps people to relax, de-stress and teaches them techniques to re-center themselves at stressful times in their lives. This will help people to regain control in their lives.  This is a great workout for someone who is a newbie to fitness, someone who just wants to work on posture, and for someone who wants to slow down a bit and balance out their fitness routine, while still being active, and doing it mindfully.

With Love,


(Original blog post was published on April 15th, 2016)

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