Say YES to Nourishing Your Body

Change the way you think and feel about your meals and yourself!

Stop following diets and start listening to your body’s needs and intelligence

Shift your relationship with food and enjoy eating again

Let go of self-judgment, understand food addictions, and heal them from the heart

In this course, you will gain confidence in choosing your next meal. You will learn to follow your inner guidance, heal food addictions, and choose to eat foods that give you tons of energy and clarity.

Instead of following an outside source to tell you how to eat you will learn to make your own choices by being aware of what makes you feel good naturally. 


What is 'Say YES to Nourishing Your Body' course?

‘Say YES to Nourishing Your Body’ course is an 11 week, video-based course that helps you reclaim control of what and when you eat.
It helps you shift your relationship with food so you can let go of the fear and guilt when it comes to your next meal. You will gain control not by following instructions or a diet plan, but by understanding yourself and becoming more sensitive to yourself and your body.

What happens after you sign up?

After your registration, you will gain access to a private Facebook Group. Having the support of a community of women who are on a similar journey will make healing easier and more enjoyable. The “Say Yes to Nourishing Your Body” course has easy to follow video lessons released weekly. All other tools, resources, downloadable documents, and guided meditations will be available to you to make your transformation as fast and as comfortable as possible. If you get stuck or have any questions, support is only an email away.

Private Coaching with Eva and Soul Sessions with Colleen Frances are also available upon request.

As long as the program exists you can retake it as many times you want to. You will have unlimited access!

This Course is for You, if...

  • Food is in control of how you feel
  • You are confused about what to eat
  • You don't ever want to follow a diet again
  • You want to have tons of energy
  • You want to have a good relationship with food
  • You want to enjoy your meals
  • You want to feel alive
  • You want to know how to nourish your body & enjoy your meals

Here is what you receive with the course

  • 11 + video lessons to guide and inspire you on your journey
  • Lessons to help you to shift your intention from weight-loss to health and wholeness
  • Guided meditations focusing on centering and grounding, that support you becoming more sensitive to yourself and body
  • Tools to help you built new habits that last a lifetime
  • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with and get support from a community of women who are on the same path

This is What You Will Learn Through the 11 Weeks Course...

Module One (1-3 weeks)

One of the most important steps in healing is to become honest with yourself, but it can be hard to do so without a genuine support system.

You won’t be able to say that after getting started with the first module. You will get a chance to be real, and truthful in a supportive environment.

The video lessons in this module will help you unearth the root of food addictions, emotional eating, and why past diets failed. Shift your relationship with yourself and food, reclaim your power over your life choices and let go of self-blame and self-doubt. This is your chance of a fresh start.

Module Two (4-8 weeks)

You will begin an elimination diet, not to lose weight, but to let go of chemical addictions, understand your body’s reactions to different foods, and your emotional links to bad habits. This module gives you clarity and control over your body, emotions, and actions.

Module Three (9-11 weeks)

As you learn more about your body, and yourself, you will be able make food choices that keep your spirit and energy high. I will introduce food guidelines that will help you create healthy new habits that last a lifetime. These will support you to live in harmony with the intelligence of your body and in alignment with your soul.

Are You Ready..

… to enjoy your meals and feel good about your food choices? 

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